Wang, Chung-Chieh

Professor and Chairman

Research expertise : SynopticmMeteorology, meso-scale meteorology, numerical models, severe weather system

Email: cwang@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496399

Tsou, Chih-Hua

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Climate diagnostics, atmospheric energetics, blocking anticyclones, short-term climate change

E-mail: chi@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496398

Lee, Tung-Yi

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Geodynamics plate reconstruction, sequence seismic stratigraphy, regional tectonics of southeast Asia

E-mail: t44001@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496389

Chen, Cheng-Ta

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Climate modeling, cloud-radiation interaction

E-mail: chen@rain.geos.ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496403

Kuan, Yi-Jehng


Research expertise : Radio astronomy

E-mail: kuan@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496418

Wu, Chau-Ron

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Physical oceanography, numerical ocean circulation modeling

E-mail: cwu@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496435, 02-29329042

Chien, Fang-Ching

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Mesoscale meteorology, numerical analysis and prediction, mountain meteorology

E-mail: jfj@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496404

Chen, Kuang-Jung


Research expertise : Geophysics, seismology, geomagnetism, gravity

Email: kjchen@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496395

Mii, Horng-Sheng

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Stable isotope geology, paleoenvironmental changes

Email: t44006@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496380

Chen, Kate Hui-Hsuan

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Observational seismology / Deep fault deformation monitoring

E-mail: katepili@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496400

Shellnutt, J. Gregory

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Geochemistry, Igneous Petrology

E-mail: jgshelln@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496386

Zheng, Zhe-Wen


Research expertise : Remote Sensing of Oceanic Environment, Physical Oceanography, Typhoon-Ocean Interaction

E-mail: zwz@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496439

Huang, Wan-Ru

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise : Monsoon meteorology, climate dynamics

E-mail: wrhuang@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496413

Yeh, Meng-Wan


Research expertise : Strutural geology, regional geology

E-mail: marywyeh@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496423

Hashimoto, Yasuhiro

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Multi-wavelength extragalactic astronomy, formation and evolution of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, cosmology, AGNs

E-mail: hashimot@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496401

Yeh, En-Chao

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Structural geology, core analysis

E-mail: ecyeh@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496397

Yeh, Ting-Kuang

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Science education, cognitive neuroscience, learning & memory

E-mail: tkyeh@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496441

Lai, Yu-Ming

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Petrology

E-mail: ymlai@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496383

Chen, Lin-Wen

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : X-ray astronomy, extragalactic astronomy

E-mail: chenlw@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496415

Tseng, Li-Shan

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Air-sea interaction, atmospheric circulation

E-mail: sian@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496410

Tseng, Wei-Ling

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Planetary Science/Instrumentation/Radio Astronomy

E-mail: wltseng@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496402

Lin, Patty Pei-Ying

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Planetary Seismdogy; Geophysics

E-mail: pylin.patty@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496409

Lee, Yueh-Ning

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Star formation, Interstellar turbulence, Early evolution of Solar system

E-mail: ynlee@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496417


Chang, Chun-Yen

Honorary Chair Professor

Research expertise : Science education, science teaching and learning, reservoir modeling

E-mail: changcy@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496798, 02-29354393

Hsu, Ying-Shao


Research expertise : Web-aided instruction, computer-assistant learning

E-mail: yshsu@ntnu.edu.tw

Office phone number: 02-77496800

Yang, Fang-Ying

Professor & Director of Graduate Institute of Science Education

Research expertise : Metacognitive learning, considerations of science, course design

E-mail: fangyang@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496801


Dai, Chang-Feng


Research expertise : Biology of the invertebrates

Lee, The-Quei


Research expertise : Palaeomagnetism, geomagnetics

Lin, Cheng-Horng


Research expertise : Seismology, geotectonics, gravity

Hsu, Yueh-Jiuan

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Numerical weather prediction

Li, Kuang-Ti

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Settlement archaeology, environmental archaeology, theory and method

Lu, Kuo-Cheng

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Weather analysis, typhoon structure, typhoon route, weather prediction

Hasegawa, Tatsuhiko

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Radio astronomy, star formation, interstellar medium

Lee, Chin-Fei

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Radio astronomy

Gu, Pin-Gao

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Hydrodynamics of giant planets, accretionprocesses in astrophysics

Chen, Horng-Yue

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Geodesy, satellite measurement, tectonics


Yu, Ein-Fen (2019 retired)


E-mail : efyu@ntnu.edu.tw

Research expertise : Chemical oceanography, pale oceanography, paleochimatology

Jeng, Yih(2017 Retired)

Distinguished Professor

E-mail : geofv001@ntnu.edu.tw

Research expertise : Near-surface geophysics, exploration geophysics, geophysical data processing, geophysical archaeology

Liu, Teh-Ching(2015 Retired)


E-mail : liutc@ntnu.edu.tw

Research expertise : Igneous petrology, experimental petrology, geochemistry

Lin, Meh-Ling (2011 Retired)


Research expertise:Metamorphic Geologys

Mao, Song-Ling(1999 Retired)


Research expertise:Evaluation in Assessment Earth Sciences

Lin, Jen-Hong(1999 Retired)

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Student Advisor

Hou, Jheng-Hong

Student Adviser

E-mail: chhou@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: 02-77496532

Post Doctorial Researcher

You-Lin, Wang

Ph.D., Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

Research expertise : Physical Oceanography, Climate Change, Data Analysis and Visualization. 

E-mail : ylwang@ntnu.edu.tw

Tzu-Ling, Chiang

Ph.D., Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

Research expertise : Physical Oceanography, Numerical Ocean Modeling, Satellite Data Analysis. 

Sahana Paul

Ph.D., Jadavpur University, India. 

Research expertise : Environmental Science. 

Manu Prasanna. M. P.

Ph.D., Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur, India. 

Research expertise : Petrology, Geochemistry

E-mail : manuprasanthmp@ntnu.edu.tw

Suga Kenshi, formerly Maki (Visiting Specialist)

Ph.D., Kumamoto University, Japan

Research expertise : petrology, Geochemistry, Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). 

E-mail : sgkenshi@ntnu.edu.tw

Ian-Lin Lai

Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Space Science, National Central University 

Research expertise : Planetary science, data analysis, numerical simulation

E-mail : ianlai@ntnu.edu.tw



Research expertise : 

E-mail : 



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E-mail : 

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